Todd Lay

Todd Lay grows corn, soybeans and alfalfa near Glenvil, Nebraska, with his two sons. Nearly all of their acres are irrigated. Lay is growing corn with the Enlist™ trait this year because he needs better weed control. He believes Enlist herbicides are a good fit for his farm with neighboring soybeans. 

  • Nebraska

  • Corn

  • Palmer amaranth

  • Ridge-tillage and vertical tillage


Nebraska Farmer Gets On-target Application, Weed Control With Enlist Duo® Herbicide

Herbicide-resistant Palmer amaranth and waterhemp have been creating increasing problems for Todd Lay. The Glenvil, Nebraska, farmer planted Enlist corn this year because he likes what he’s seen with Enlist Duo® herbicide.

“Some of my soybeans have been burned by drift this year,” Lay says. “I don’t want herbicides I use to drift into other fields. I think Enlist Duo is a better option for me than other new herbicides.”

Lay raises corn, soybeans and alfalfa, with nearly all his acres under irrigation. He uses a combination of ridge tillage and vertical tillage, planting on the ridges. Weed control has been a challenge.

“We did a burndown with Resicore and glyphosate to start off clean,” Lay says. “I applied Enlist Duo postemergence. The application was excellent. It was easy to apply. I saw no drift or volatility.”

In addition to a lack of drift, Lay says, there was a lack of the traditional strong 2,4-D odor. “It didn’t have the normal 2,4-D smell,” he says.

While on-target application is important to Lay, so is weed control. The results have been satisfying.

“We sprayed two weeks ago and have excellent weed control,” he says. “It knocked down the Palmer, and the glyphosate took care of the grasses.”

It’s important to Lay to provide multiple herbicide modes of action from burndown through postemergence applications. Because Enlist Duo contains 2,4-D choline and glyphosate, he’s getting two modes of action with one postemergence application.

“We may only apply a single postemergence treatment this year,” he says. “We were considering a second application of Enlist Duo, but the first really has weeds under control.”

Lay says if you apply according to the label, Enlist Duo herbicide stays on target.

“I feel it’s part of using these new herbicides,” he says. “It’s our responsibility. We’ve got to follow the label these days. It doesn’t take long to read the label. Following the requirements is not a problem.”