Scott Brockelsby, Illinois

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Scott Brockelsby is a district manager for NuTech Seed® and a farmer in his own right. He grows corn and soybeans near Taylorville, Illinois, practicing mainly conventional, minimum and a few no-till production acres on dryland acres. Brockelsby likes to test new technologies in his own fields so he can be more confident making recommendations to customers. He planted Enlist™ corn in the spring on his no-till acres. His herbicide program included residuals and applications of Enlist Duo® herbicide as both preplant and postemergence treatments.

Success with Enlist™ corn Yields Confidence

If you want customers to place their trust in you, you have to know what you’re talking about. For Scott Brockelsby, a district manager for NuTech Seed®, trying new technologies in his own fields arms him with firsthand experiences he can use when talking to customers.

“I wanted to try the Enlist system before recommending it to customers,” Brockelsby says. “I wanted to gain confidence in it.”

He planted Enlist™ corn on his own farm near Taylorville, Illinois, and applied Enlist Duo® herbicide. His biggest weed problem is waterhemp. In fact, he admits they got away from him a bit last year. After seeing Enlist Duo in action – and not seeing tall, unsightly waterhemp – his confidence level in the Enlist system is sky high.

“It worked great,” Brockelsby says. “I love the simplicity of it.”

Brockelsby says his weed control program – which also included residual herbicides – took care of challenging waterhemp populations. He used Enlist Duo as a preplant application and came back with another postemergence application.

“We started with a clean field thanks to our early applications, which included residual herbicides,” he explains. “By the time we made our postemergence application, we only had small weeds starting to come up. We had little, baby waterhemp and it just smoked them. I was hugely impressed.”

Brockelsby followed the label. After a few adjustments to the new nozzles they installed, things went smoothly.

“Application was very easy,” Brockelsby says. “I was pretty impressed. It definitely stayed on target.”

Brockelsby says product education was an important benefit.

“I’d been through training and visited tech centers to see demonstrations,” he says. “Enlist experts helped us with nozzle selection, application rates, tank cleanout and generally made us comfortable using the technology.”

The Enlist fields were uncommonly clean at harvest. The NuTech district manager says he normally deals with some tall waterhemp plants at harvest on his no-till acres. This year, the only weeds he observed were small winter annuals starting to come up.

Now that he’s tried Enlist corn, he has his eye on Enlist E3® soybeans. “I’m ready for Enlist E3 soybeans,” Brockelsby says. “I could see the glufosinate tolerance you get with Enlist E3 soybeans being valuable to provide another mode of action.”

Now Brockelsby can go back to his NuTech customers with conviction. His experience with the technology gives him the confidence to recommend the Enlist weed control system.

Scott Brockelsby

Enlist crop

Problem weeds
Waterhemp, Marestail

Management practices
No-till, Dryland acres, Cereal rye cover crop