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Enlist® Corn

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Exceptional Weed Control — Make Every Inch of Ground Yours

Enlist® corn gives you the most advanced herbicide-tolerant technology on the market — enabling exceptional weed control, ease of use and the ability to apply FOP herbicides postemergence.

With tolerance to 2,4-D choline, glyphosate and FOP herbicides such as Assure® II, the Enlist corn trait provides more weed control options and greater flexibility.

The Enlist corn trait is stacked with SmartStax® trait technology, which provides above- and below- ground insect protection, and PowerCore® trait technology, which provides above-ground insect protection.

More Weed Control Options with FOP Tolerance

Assure II herbicide is the only FOP herbicide labeled for postemergence grass control in corn with the Enlist trait. It provides another solution to control persistent, unwanted grasses, such as fall panicum, field sandbur, giant foxtail, Johnsongrass, shattercane and quackgrass. Assure II also provides control of volunteer corn without the Enlist trait in Enlist cornfields. Find label and tank-mix information below.

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Program Approach and Application Window

The Enlist® weed control system gives farmers the flexibility they need for weed control. Farmers can design a custom program approach to tackle their weeds on acres where they’ve planted Enlist crops.

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Herbicide Tolerance of Enlist® Corn Hybrids

When you plant any corn hybrid with the Enlist® corn trait, you get crop tolerance to 2,4-D choline, glyphosate and FOP herbicides. Enlist corn provides crop tolerance that enables you to use Enlist Duo® or Enlist One® herbicide as part of a program approach for weed control.

One System Stands Alone — Get the Weed Control You Deserve

Easy-to-use, exceptional weed control that provides new mode of action opportunities in corn to give you an edge against late-season broadleaves and grasses. Learn more about Enlist® corn.

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Tolerance to Enlist™ Herbicides

Field trials compared crop tolerance in Enlist™ corn and corn without the Enlist trait following application of Enlist Duo® herbicide. Corn without the Enlist trait shows visible injury. Enlist corn showed strong brace roots and no leaning or brittleness.

  • Corn without Enlist trait
  • Corn with Enlist trait

Corn without the Enlist™ trait (left). Enlist corn treated with 2X rate of Enlist Duo® herbicide (7 pt./A + AMS 2.5% v/v) (right).

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