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Enlist® Ahead Management Resource

Enlist® Ahead offers many resources for farmers to implement weed resistance management techniques while using the Enlist weed control system. Get expert advice from Enlist field specialists to maximize your acres. For more resources, download the Product Use Guide and Application Guide.

Leaf cupping Dicamba Soybeans

Experts Cite Only One Certain Cause of Soybean Leaf Cupping

U.S. farmers often see herbicide damage like cupping in their soybean fields. Soybeans that are not tolerant to dicamba are extremely sensitive to dicamba drift. Learn how to identify soybean herbicide damage. 

Learn How

Applicator Training Series

With the Enlist® Ahead management resource, farmers have easy access to information that’s critical for successful use of the Enlist weed control system. 

Ride With a Drone for a Quick Overview of Enlist® Tech Center Plots

Get a bird’s-eye view of an Enlist® tech center research plot by viewing this short drone footage. Then dive into our virtual tour to learn more about Enlist crops and Enlist herbicides.

Enlist® Ahead Resources Help Put Weed Seed Bank in the Red

Make sure you understand the importance of a program approach that delivers multiple sites of action. Not only does this do the absolute best job of controlling weeds in the current year, but also it helps preserve valuable herbicides for coming years.

Learning From Success in Cotton

Cotton farmers continue to lead the way, adopting the technology successfully on a wide scale throughout the Cotton Belt. Enlist® cotton was the first Enlist crop out of the gate, and our experiences with it provide a number of lessons for farmers planting Enlist E3® soybeans.