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Experiencing Enlist

These farmers recently made the switch to the Enlist® weed control system — and aren’t looking back. Find out why.

Even the most loyal farmers are making the switch to the Enlist® weed control system

Drift. Cutoff dates. Waterhemp. Resistance. These Die-Hards had different breaking points with their old weed control system. But each tried the Enlist® weed control system and haven’t turned back. Hear their stories.  

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Austin Handel – South Dakota

After experiencing dicamba drift damage and cutoff dates, Austin knew there had to be a better way to control weeds. With the Enlist® weed control system, he has more time to care for his cattle and control his kochia pressure.

Learn how Austin took control of his kochia pressure
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Paul Butler — Illinois

When Paul found himself pulling weeds by hand in his buffer strips, he knew he had had enough. Find out why he switched from the dicamba system and went all in on the Enlist® weed control system. 

Find out why Paul went all in with the Enlist® system
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Mike Vallery — Ohio

To preserve his land for future generations, Mike needed to fight back against weed resistance. Learn why waterhemp and marestail pressure proved enough for him to make a dramatic switch.

Learn why Mike switched to the Enlist® system
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Jay Wilder — Texas

Jay knows farming is tough enough without always worrying about herbicide restrictions. He saw an easier way to solve his waterhemp problems: the Enlist® weed control system.

See how Jay solved his waterhemp problems
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Ryan Vaksdal — South Dakota

After spraying dicamba, Ryan used to stay up all night worrying about his neighbor’s fields. Since switching to the Enlist® weed control system, he has been able to rest easy.

Hear why Ryan can rest easy with his weed control
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Jeremy Heitmann — Nebraska

Jeremy can always rely on family. But he had trust issues when it came to managing tough weeds. Trying the Enlist® system restored his faith in effective, neighbor-friendly weed control.

Learn why Jeremy can trust his weed control program
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Joe Schweigert — Wisconsin

Before new technology makes it onto Joe’s operation, it has to pass his tests. Learn why the Enlist® weed control system was the right answer for Schweigert Family Farms.

See how the Enlist® system passed Joe's tests

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Enlist® Ahead

On the fence about switching systems?

We’re here to help. Our Enlist® Ahead management resource provides a variety of helpful tips, tools and training to help you adopt the system for your operation. 

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