The Enlist® system has proven itself for farmers in Texas and Oklahoma planting Enlist cotton. Learn how they’re managing weeds with on-target applications of Enlist herbicides. 

A.J. Woehl – Texas

AJ Woehl

A.J. Woehl farms land his grandparents have owned for decades in Tom Green County, Texas. A.J. is the sole operator today, growing cotton, wheat, grain sorghum and corn. He’s a big fan of PhytoGen® cottonseed, including W3FE varieties. With the ability to use Enlist® herbicides in his weed management program, he gets the extra weed control he needs for his cotton fields.

Roger Seggern – Texas

Roger Seggern

As a fourth-generation Texas farmer, Roger knew he wanted to farm at an early age. He rotates his acres between cotton and corn and occasionally grows a little wheat. Roger wants to keep weeds to a minimum in his fields. That’s one reason he plants PhytoGen® cottonseed with the Enlist® trait and incorporates Enlist herbicides in his weed control plan.

Dale Allen – South Texas


Dale and his wife, Julie, raise cotton and corn on their farm near Lolita, Texas, which is between Houston and Corpus Christi. He is an independent crop consultant, and has extensive contacts with other farmers in his area. This allows him to see up close the weed management systems of other cotton farmers. Allen planted Enlist® cotton, using Enlist Duo® herbicide and Enlist One® herbicide. Learn how he’s found success with the system.