From Alabama to North Carolina, farmers are switching to the Enlist® system. Learn how these farmers are making their neighbors happy with on-target applications of Enlist herbicides. 

Garry Dillard – Alabama

Garry Dillard

Cotton and peanuts are the staple crops for Garry and his brother Kenneth who farm in Alabama and Florida. With susceptible crops near land he rents, Dillard is diligent with herbicide applications. He doesn’t want to injure the nearby vegetables. He is pleased and confident about the on-target application of Enlist One® herbicide.

Aaron Burleson – North Carolina


Aaron and his family are looking to the Enlist® weed control system to help control pigweed, marestail and ragweed. Pigweed has expanded greatly in eastern North Carolina. Learn how Enlist herbicides have been a game changer for his family’s operation.