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North Central

Enlist E3® soybeans are making their mark as more farmers from the Dakotas through Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan adopt the Enlist® weed control system. 

Luke Anderson – North Dakota

Luke Anderson

Luke farms with his father, Joel, near Forman, North Dakota. They grow 5,000 acres of corn, soybeans and wheat on their fifth-generation farm. They’ve been working in recent years with Dairyland Seed on Enlist E3® soybean production to add Enlist® herbicides to their postemergence weed control efforts.

Ryan Vaksdal – South Dakota

Ryan Vaksdal

Ryan is a sixth-generation farmer, who grows corn and Enlist E3® soybeans near Beresford, South Dakota. After spraying dicamba, Ryan used to stay up all night worrying about his neighbor’s fields. Since switching to the Enlist® weed control system, he has been able to rest easy. 

Joe Schweigert – Wisconsin

Joe Schweigert

Joe Schweigert is a corn and soybean producer in Cuba City, Wisconsin. He’s been farming with his brothers since 2013, and they’ve been planting Enlist E3® soybeans since 2019.