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Insight • 2023-06-23

Everything You Need to Know About Enlist™ Herbicides

With Colex-D™ technology and a wide application window, the Enlist herbicides are critical tools which enable post-emergence control, without fear of off-target movement.

Agronomy • 2023-03-01

5 Weed Management Tips to Protect Your Seed Decision

Implementing a successful weed resistance management program will help continue the efficacy of the Enlist™ weed control system. Here are five weed management tips to follow this season.

Agronomy • 2023-03-01

Tank Cleanout Checklist to Avoid Crop Injury

Use this equipment cleanout checklist to avoid crop injury and maximize yields. As an applicator, you want to eliminate contaminants in your spray equipment both before and after spraying Enlist herbicides.

Agronomy • 2023-03-01

Avoid crop damage: Clean the sprayer according to the herbicide label

Proper sprayer cleanout is vital. Thorough cleanout of the spray tank and nozzles is the first step to minimize the potential for sprayer contamination and damage to susceptible crops.

Agronomy • 2023-03-01

Scout, Identify and Plan to Contain Hard-to-Control and Resistant Weeds

Weeds such as waterhemp, Canada fleabane, giant ragweed and others may require a change in your herbicide program to improve weed control and limit the opportunities for these weeds to develop resistance to effective herbicides.

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