How it Works

Soybean crop close up

Introducing the Enlist™ weed control system

The Enlist weed control system integrates seed and chemistry to provide you with better yields and better weed control that is better for your farm and your community. 

When you choose Enlist E3 soybeans or Enlist™ corn and protect your crop with Enlist herbicides with Colex-D technology, you get a more advanced seed with high yield potential, plus protection from hard-to-control and resistant weeds. 

Advanced trait technology 

The Enlist™ E3 trait is a molecular stack that provides high-yielding genetics and industry-leading, multi-mode of action herbicide tolerance.  

Enlist E3™ soybeans and Enlist™ corn provides robust tolerance to Enlist Duo™ and Enlist™ 1 herbicides, which both contain 2,4-D choline and Colex-D™ Technology.  

Part of the Enlist™ weed control system, Enlist™ herbicides enable the use of a multi-mode of action herbicide approach against hard-to-control and resistant weeds, providing Canadian farmers with a low drift, near-zero volatility solution for sustainable weed management. 

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Enlist E3™ soybeans

A profitable soybean crop starts with better genetics that deliver better results. That’s why we created Enlist E3™ soybeans, a more advanced seed with high yield potential and a robust herbicide tolerance.

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Enlist™ corn

Enlist™ corn is an advanced seed with a high yield potential and a robust herbicide tolerance that helps Canadian farmers take control of tough weeds and maximize their profits.

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