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The easy-to-use, proprietary blended herbicide provides:

  • Improved control from two modes of action: Groups 4 & 9
  • Multiple modes of action in a convenient formulation
  • Improved tank stability for a spray solution that stays mixed
  • Spray solution does not adhere to sprayer components providing easy and fast sprayer cleanout

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Flexibility and choice

Enlist™ 1, a stand-alone 2,4-D choline formulation, provides the flexibility to tank-mix and adjust the rates of glyphosate or glufosinate for hard-to-control and resistant weeds. 

With more tank-mix flexibility, Enlist™ 1 delivers:

  • 2,4-D choline as the basis for exceptional weed control
  • Flexibility to customize use rates and ratios of tank-mix partners
  • Compatibility to tank mix with glyphosate (Group 9), Liberty® 200 SN (glufosinate Group 10), or other approved products.
  • Spray solution does not adhere to sprayer components providing easy and fast sprayer cleanout
Everything You Need to Know About Enlist™ Herbicides
Enlist™ Herbicides Tech Sheet
Colex D Bucket
Colex D Bucket

Colex-D™ technology: Designed for on-target application

  • Featured in both Enlist Duo™ and Enlist™ 1 herbicides, Colex-D™ technology delivers near-zero volatility, minimized potential for physical drift, low odour, and improved handling characteristics. 
  • 90% less drift than traditional 2,4-D. The drift reduction from Colex-D™ technology combines with low-drift nozzles to cut drift by as much as 90% compared with traditional 2,4-D.
  • 96% less volatile than 2,4-D ester. Near-zero volatility — up to 96% less than 2,4-D ester — helps keep Enlist™ herbicides in place.

Apply with confidence

  • No temperature restrictions – spray when conditions are ideal for weed control
  • Near-zero volatility ensures that applications stay on target
  • Enlist herbicide tank cleanout procedures are easy to follow

Application best practices

Observe good product stewardship practices to ensure that Enlist™ herbicides provide the best weed control while minimizing the potential for off-target movement.

Follow all label precautions including:

  • Boom height at 60 cm or less
  • Optimum spray volume at 10-15 GPA
  • Use nozzles that deliver coarse to extremely coarse spray droplets
  • Spray when winds are between 3-16 km/h. Do not spray in winds that exceed 25 km/h.

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