Your Tank Cleanout Checklist to Avoid Crop Injury

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Thorough tank cleanout is necessary to avoid crop injury and maximize yields. As an applicator, you want to eliminate contaminants in your spray equipment both before and after spraying Enlist™ herbicides.

Have you seen this in the field?

Improper spray equipment cleanout can result in crop symptomology.leaf strapping   Leaf cupping
Leaf strapping from 2,4-D (right) and Leaf cupping from dicamba (left).

Soybeans are 23X more tolerant to 2,4 D than dicamba.


Here’s an equipment checklist to help you avoid contaminating the next field:  

  • Start with a clean tank. Clean your sprayer before using Enlist™ herbicides to avoid contamination from a prior application. Residual corn herbicides or dicamba left in the sprayer can easily damage Enlist E3 soybeans.

    Thorndale Ontario 2022 demonstration plot A tank contamination trial shows the effect on soybeans 10 days after being sprayed with a 1% dicamba solution (1% of the field rate, simulating tank contamination)

    Watch the full video on tank contamination and symptomology identification here. 

  • Clean out the sprayer immediately after application. Avoid letting the solution sit overnight if possible. If you cannot clean the sprayer immediately, do a freshwater rinse and then use the following procedures as soon as you are able. Do not let herbicide solutions dry onto tank walls or inside plumbing.

  • Triple-rinse your sprayer. Triple-rinsing the sprayer and its components is a must after applying Enlist™ 1 or Enlist Duo™ herbicide. This helps ensure any remaining Enlist herbicides are removed from the system.

    If you’re tank-mixing, follow the most stringent cleanout recommendation of any tank-mix partners included in the tank with an Enlist herbicide.

  • Ensure the entire system, including other equipment, is cleaned out. Often smaller harder-to-see sprayer parts come in contact with herbicides. Check hoses, screens, filters, pumps and dead ends on the boom. Clean these parts, as well as the sprayer tank, thoroughly. Clean transfer equipment and pumps before switching to the next product.