Simply Better, Together Contest Winners

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We know that good choices in farming practices are just one way that farmers make their communities better. But they do so much more. Farmers are actively involved in their communities, giving back, doing good, and making their communities simply better. We are happy to be able to celebrate farmers and all the great things they do for their communities, because we’re Simply Better, Together.

Danny Berthiaume, Ste-Marie QC
Organization Impacted: Opération kid soleil
Nominator: Marie Mailhot, Ste-Marie QC

Nominator Summary: For more than 3 years already, Qualiferme gives freshly picked potatoes to citizens in exchange for gifts remitted to ‘’Opération Enfant Soleil“. So far, Qualiferme has given close to 1,000 dollars. Each year, the donation gets bigger and bigger as well as the number of citizens participating.

Martin Berger (Ferme Bermanic), Saint-Aimé QC
Organization Impacted: Association de hockey mineur des villages (AHMV) et ALUS MONTEREGIE (ENVIRONNEMENT)
Nominator: Alain Paradis, St-Simon QC

Nominator Summary:
Martin is a member of the ‘’Comité du bassin versant de la rivière Pot-au-Beurre“ (Pot-au-beurre River watershed Committee). Martin has held many meetings at his farm in order to demonstrate his commitment toward the implementation of riparian buffer strips in agricultural zones, as well as nesting boxes for birds. For many years, he has been practicing zero-till as a way to protect waterways from runoff and pollution.

Kim Higgins, Belgrave ON
Organization Impacted: Belgrave Brussels 4-H Beef Club
Nominator: Laura Fischer, Brussels ON

Nominator Summary: I am nominating 4-H leader Kim Higgins of the Belgrave Brussels 4-H Beef Club. Kim has been a volunteer for over 30 years! Her family has a long history in the cattle industry and is very involved in 4-H clubs. Kim is very informative, knowledgeable, very outgoing and always encouraging others to participate! Kim volunteers with the Belgrave Fowl Supper and you will always see her out in the community and at all fair events. Kim is very involved in the community and a genuine wonderful person. Kim makes the Belgrave Brussels 4-H Beef Club - Simply Better, Together!

Warren Burger, Hagersville ON
Organization Impacted: Community Living Haldimand
Nominator: Jacob Elgersma, Dunnville ON

Nominator Summary: Warren has been role model for the next generation in his humble, giving spirit. Warren has participated in fundraising events for the last 50 years, helping non profit organizations get their funding when government support isn't available. From fundraising for the hospital, golf tournaments, service clubs, church groups, fire department and the mayors gala, Warren has truly shown through his actions how to put your neighbour first. Community Living Haldimand was in need of an individual to step up and fundraise to create the 10,000 sq foot facility that have to this day so that the developmentally challenge could have a place of their own. Warren says it so beautifully in the video. "I always believe and still believe that if a community builds something together and it is worthwhile, medical centers, sports complexes, a complex like this name after Mrs. Deagle the Jenny Deagle Complex, they will never let it fail and that still holds true to this day." Our community is simply better together because of the work individuals like Warren.

Cate McCorquodale, Embro ON
Organization Impacted: 4H 
Nominator: John McRoberts, Innerkip ON
Nominator Summary: Cate has gone through the 4-H program. The cow in the background is a former 4-H project calf of hers. She is a dairy club leader and a board member for Oxford 4-H. I got Cate’s name to nominate from a friend of mine. He had nothing but good comments on how good Cate is with the kids and the time she dedicates to the 4-H program. I think Cate would be an excellent recipient of this award, and it will show that Corteva values the efforts put into our leaders of tomorrow. Also her family’s farm Innlawn farms has been a very loyal Pioneer customer for many years.

Elizabeth Johnston, Listowel ON
Organization Impacted: 4H, Listowel Ag Society
Nominator: David Strickler, Listowel ON

Nominator Summary: Elizabeth goes over and beyond to make sure the ag society is part of everyone life in listowel and surrounding areas. From lady’s night, farmer suppers, entertainment nights, listowel fair everyone holds memories and Elizabeth keeps them alive. Elizabeth works for 4h and is a local farmer as well.

Delores Vermilyea, Napanee ON
Organization Impacted: Morningstar Mission & L&A County Hospital
Nominator: Sandra O'Neill, Selby ON

Nominator Summary: Delores Vermilyea is an amazing woman, and this community is so fortunate to have her part of it. She has farmed her whole life and has overseen and worked in their large dairy operation along with her two sons, Blake, and Bob since her husband’s passing in 1995. Since her grandson’s graduation from college, she has taken a step back from managing the calves but still takes care of the bookkeeping and continues to go the barn every morning to walk laps and chat with her sons and grandchildren to stay connected to everything that is important to her. While her husband was sick, she saw great value in the local hospital and decided she would work hard to help maintain a progressive health system in our community. She has continued to volunteer there ever since in the coffee and gift shop where she greets, assists, and serves customers. She wanted to give back to the hospital and ensure that it stays a vital part of the community. All funds raised at the gift shop go directly back to the hospital. Delores has always had a strong faith background and was drawn to volunteering at the Morningstar Relief Mission in Napanee which is an organization that helps meet the needs of vulnerable citizens in the community. These days she helps weekly at the Mission by helping to prepare meals for the Full Plate program, a community food and outreach program. These life changing programs help those who live in poverty, are homeless or at risk of homelessness to rebuild their lives. On top of already having a full life, she often spends time on a weekend visiting seniors who are in a nursing or retirement home just so she can brighten their day. She has great empathy for others and gives selflessly to make people’s lives better through her caring, nurturing ways. Delores is a shining example of how being involved in her community simply makes it a better place.