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Ben Hortenstine

Ben Hortenstine farms with his dad, two uncles and brother. He grew up around farming. It’s just something he enjoys because there is always something different to do. On their farm, they grow corn, soybeans and wheat. He knows it’s important to stay on the cutting edge with new technology, and that’s why they use the Enlist weed control system on their farm. This year, they’re raising Enlist corn commercially and Enlist soybeans for production.
  • Location
  • Illinois
  • Enlist Crop
  • Soybeans
  • Problem Weeds
  • Waterhemp
  • Management Practices
  • Minimum tillage

Illinois Farmer Finds Proof of Enlist™ System in His Own Fields

Seeing is believing. That means concrete evidence is more convincing than words alone. For Illinois farmer Ben Hortenstine, experiencing the Enlist weed control system on his farm has made him a believer.

Hortenstine grows corn and soybeans in Ramsey, Illinois, in partnership with his father, two uncles and a brother. They grew Enlist soybeans for seed production last year. He reports his Enlist soybeans were his best-yielding beans. 

“At harvest, the fields were clean,” he says. “A clean field is just an easier field to combine. Our Enlist fields were clean as a pin.”

Hortenstine cites three key benefits he saw with the Enlist soybeans: yield, weed control and ease of use.

“We’re looking for herbicide traits that are easy to use, that do the job and do it efficiently and cost-effectively,” he says. “The Enlist system is very easy to use and very cost-effective. Enlist Duo herbicide does a very good job of controlling the weeds that we need to control. We had very, very good control. It was excellent.”

Hortenstine also finds Enlist Duo® herbicide provides some peace of mind concerning drift issues. 

“It’s very low volatility and next to zero drift,” he says. “The product stays where it’s applied. I’m very confident when we’re applying Enlist Duo that it’s going to stay where we spray it. We really have no worries about it volatilizing and moving off target.”

All these traits combined makes the Enlist weed control system a great fit on the Hortenstine farm.  

“The Enlist weed control system is a good program, a good system,” he says. “You have the yield, you have the weed control and you have the extra support that you need for any questions that you may have about spraying and buffers and so on.”

Seeing is believing, especially when you see the results in your own fields. Hortenstine is planting Enlist soybeans for seed production again this year, and he’s adding Enlist corn now that it’s commercially available. He anticipates seeing more concrete proof of the value of the Enlist weed control system.