Experiencing Enlist | 2017
Take a closer look at the Enlist™ system on the farm

Farmers across the country are tapping into the benefits of the Enlist weed control system to manage herbicide-resistant weeds. They are growing PhytoGen® brand varieties with the Enlist trait or participating in the Field Forward program for Enlist soybean production. This year also marks the first year that Enlist Duo® herbicide is fully available for use on Enlist cotton. With the latest, high-yielding genetics, growers can use multiple herbicide modes of action for exceptional weed control. Follow the farmers’ stories as they experience the advanced trait and herbicide technology throughout the season.

In the Spotlight

Weed control benefits clear at harvest

Healthy Enlist crops heading into fall

Seeing is believing

Reports of fast-acting, excellent weed control

Farmers eager to use the Enlist system