These terms and conditions, together with any purchase order to which they are physically or electronically attached or in which they are incorporated by reference, are the "Order." Corteva Agriscience LLC , or its affiliate identified on the Order, is "Buyer." "Supplier" is the entity to which the Order is issued (as identified thereon). Supplier and Buyer are each a "Party" and collectively "Parties." Supplier shall supply any products, materials or other goods identified on the Order (the "Goods") and any services identified on the Order (the "Services"). If the Order is a release against an existing agreement between the Parties, these terms and conditions do not supersede the terms of such agreement. Any additional, conflicting, or different terms or conditions set forth in any invoice, in any acknowledgment of this Order, or in any document other than this Order as issued by Supplier and any properly executed purchase contract between the Parties, shall have no effect. The Order is accepted by Supplier when it begins providing the Goods and/or Services, unless accepted earlier.

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

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