Mike Pietzyk

Mike Pietzyk

Our operation is primarily corn, soybeans and alfalfa. We also have a cow-calf operation. I took over the family farm from my dad. Today, my wife and I manage the farm. We’re always looking for ways to be progressive on the farm — trying to continually improve and make things better. With the Enlist™ system, it will provide us another option and help us control resistant weeds. We’re starting to see glyphosate-resistant waterhemp, so we want to incorporate a new mode of action into our weed control program.

  • Nebraska

  • Corn

  • Waterhemp

  • No-till/conventional tillage
    Some center pivot irrigation

November 02, 2015



I was very pleased with the silage yield of the Enlist hybrid. It was a tough spring and we had a tough early growing season with nearly 30 inches of rain in 60 days. Despite this, the corn grew well, and I was very satisfied with the yield. From my vantage point in the tractor packing ensilage in the silage pit, I can always tell how the corn is performing by how yellow the silage appears.  There was a lot of yellow corn in the Enlist silage.

September 21, 2015


Pleased with weed control provided by Enlist™ system

I’ve been very happy with the weed control provided by the Enlist system. In the future, I see the Enlist system being a valid portion of my acres. This year has been a prime example of the benefits of Enlist. There were resistant weeds in other fields that were not controlled, and I am going to have some acres with heavy weed pressure next year. Next year, the Enlist system will be part of my portfolio for both corn and soybeans to control the resistant weeds.

September 04, 2015


Enlist™ crop performs well

I was very pleased with the silage yield in the Enlist field. It was really yellow coming into the pit, which tells me it is very good yielding corn. We’re storing it in our bunker and will feed it to our weaned calves this fall.

July 31, 2015



As farmers I think we get stuck in a routine. We always need to be open to the opportunities that present themselves. Things are progressing all the time, so I think you need to take advantage of those opportunities like Enlist Duo and this whole system. It's going be a great new product with good support behind it. The best advice for other farmers? They need to try Enlist Duo.

July 04, 2015


Head high by the 4th of July


June 22, 2015



I was very shocked by the new formulation of Enlist Duo. To experience the technology firsthand in my field, it was amazing. The two things that stood out were there wasn’t any drift or odor. It came out of the nozzles and dropped to the ground. For odor, the old formulations of 2,4-D had a strong odor. With Enlist Duo, there wasn’t anything beyond the small hint of the odor right away. Even standing near the field, I couldn’t smell

June 10, 2015


Very excited about the new technology

It’s a very economical product to use to control our resistant weeds. Other farmers just need to try the product to see the value it provides and what it will do for their farming operation. It’s a great product.

May 18, 2015

Wet field conditions


It’s been a trying spring. A few days after we planted the Enlist corn field, it started to rain, and we have had rain nearly every day for the past two weeks. We’ve had as much rain this spring as we typically see total in June and July combined.

We’re starting to see the corn emerge, but we had too much rain too quick, and I’m seeing the impact on the fields. Given the unfavorable growing conditions, I wasn’t expecting to see much for emergence and stand. However, I am very happy with the Enlist corn. It came out of the ground under the wet conditions much better than I expected.

April 29, 2015

Suitable field conditions for planting

Checking seed depth while planting Enlist™ corn

To get the corn in this year, we’ve been planting around the clock. We typically follow a no-till program on most fields with a few fields of conventional tillage. In the field where we’re planting the Enlist™ corn, we disked the ground last fall and ran a field cultivator right in front of the planter. Planting of the field ran smoothly.

April 29, 2015

Suitable field conditions for planting