Dale Armstrong

Dale Armstrong

I farm cotton, peanuts and corn along with cattle and poultry. It’s a family farm — both my grandfather and father farmed. I took over the operation from my father about 20 years ago. There is a serious pigweed problem in the South. It is the one weed that we can try everything in the book, and it still doesn’t control it. I’m interested in the Enlist™ system as a part of our herbicide program that can provide the weed control we need.

  • Alabama

  • Cotton
    grower research plot

  • Palmer amaranth

  • Strip-till
    Center pivot irrigation


November 10, 2015


Enlist™ cotton will be a good choice

The Enlist™ system gave us more flexibility during application time, and we liked the weed control. Enlist Duo® is easy to use and has low volatility and low odor. The tolerance is important. We had no damage to the Enlist cotton plant itself. I would recommend Enlist to others. Having the grower research plot and knowing what the cotton looked like, I think it is going to be a good choice.

July 31, 2015



Enlist is going to be a great product for the industry. In peanut country, it’s going to be a game changer. We’ve gotten away from 2,4-D a little bit because we were so concerned with damaging our cotton or our neighbor’s cotton.

Being able to add 2,4-DB back in our system for peanuts and not being worried about damaging our [Enlist] cotton opens up options. It gives us a wider window of getting things done and provides a product we’d like to use for weed control.

June 25, 2015


Enlist™ cotton provides excellent tolerance

After we sprayed the plot we looked at it that afternoon and the following day and there was absolutely no signs of any 2,4-D damage. The Enlist cotton looked really good and showed no signs of anything. It provided really good tolerance.

Enlist Duo® stayed right where we put it. That takes the fear out of 2,4-D damage. It’s a great product and controls a lot of weeds, and we didn’t see any drift or movement out of Enlist Duo at all.

June 16, 2015


First thoughts on application of Enlist Duo® herbicide*

Peanuts and cotton are part of our main rotation here. And, just the ability to be able to spray Enlist Duo next to other crops without any danger is key.

In addition, the smell of Enlist Duo is much different than a traditional 2,4-D. There is a slight odor to Enlist Duo, but nothing like traditional 2,4-D. Traditional 2,4-D is very strong; you know when it is being put out.

With cotton in this part of the country, your neighbors are going to be concerned when you put out 2,4-D. With Enlist Duo®, you won’t have the worries with odor or drift.

May 28, 2015



Planting season went fairly well. We’ve had warm weather and adequate rainfall. This helped the crops get a good start and good stand.

May 04, 2015


Planting the Enlist™ cotton in early May


*Enlist Duo is not registered for use on Enlist cotton.