Allen Henry

Allen Henry

We grow corn, soybeans and wheat on our farm. I raise purebred Angus cattle breeding stock and my brother raises purebred Berkshire pigs. I’m a fourth-generation farmer living on the farm that was homesteaded by my family 150 years ago. I farm with my dad and brother. My son grew up in the tractor seat right beside me and helps when he has time. We hope there is an opportunity in the future for him to join the family farm. We’re looking forward to trying out the Enlist™ system on our farm. It will be another tool for us to use to control our tough weeds, such as waterhemp.

  • Iowa

  • Corn

  • Waterhemp

  • Minimal tillage

October 16, 2015



The Enlist weed control system is superior to other herbicide-tolerant systems I’ve used in the past. When we sprayed, we had heavy waterhemp pressure. Enlist took care of every bit of it. To this day, there are no weeds of any kind in the field.  Enlist is easy to apply, and it works.  There is no drift and no smell. Enlist stayed right on target.  In a program approach with other herbicides that have multiple modes of action, I think it will be a fantastic tool for many years.

September 21, 2015



There is not a weed in the field. There are great big ears and tall stalks, making for an ideal corn crop. We couldn't ask for the Enlist field to be any better.

July 28, 2015



From the time I was a kid, we’ve used 2,4-D, but you didn’t use it on very tall corn. It would make the corn brittle, it would corkscrew the corn. It was a damaging product. It also would drift and if you had any other crops close, you had to be extremely careful.

With the Enlist system, I wanted to prove to myself that it does what they say and I have. There just is no smell to it. We had soybeans right beside it and it did not drift off of the row. And, the day after application I could already see the herbicide was working, the weeds were dying.

I can use the Enlist system on my farm with confidence and tell my neighbors this is a product they can use with confidence. It will do what you need and not hurt your crop, your wife’s garden, her flowers, or your neighbor’s crops.

July 02, 2015


Enlist™ corn meets expectations


Just one week after application – the corn is growing and the weeds are dying.


May 13, 2015

Good field conditions

Ideal conditions for planting Enlist™ corn

Today was planting day, and everything went smoothly with our Enlist™ corn. I was joined by my father, brother and son as we planted the Enlist field. We couldn’t have asked for better conditions. Now, we’re hoping for timely rains and a good growing season for the crop. We’re excited to see the new technology with the Enlist system on our farm.

May 13, 2015


Carrying on the family farm tradition

(L to R) Blake Henry, Allen Henry, Edwin Henry and Keith Henry. Three generations were excited to be a part of planting the first Enlist corn field on our farm. There is just no better life than farm life. It’s a tradition we’re proud of and look to carry on into the future.

May 05, 2015



We’ve always prided ourselves in using new technology. In fact, my grandfather was one of the first in the area to try anhydrous on his farm. Naturally, we jumped at the opportunity to try the Enlist system on our farm this year. It’s something we’ve been hearing about, and we’re excited to try it.

We’ve always used a proactive approach to weed control on our farm, including following a program approach and rotating our herbicides. We avoid overusing the same herbicide on our farm as overuse may lead to resistance issues. We believe, when used properly in a program approach, Enlist Duo will help us control tough weeds for many years to come.