Darin Anderson

Darin Anderson farms with his father, Bruce. They manage a fifth-generation farm near Valley City, North Dakota, that produces corn, soybeans and some spring wheat. About two-thirds of their acres are a corn-soybean rotation, and the other third is a wheat-soybean rotation. Anderson is excited about Enlist E3 soybeans and Enlist herbicides.

  • North Dakota

  • Soybeans

  • Kochia

  • Minimum tillage



Enlist Duo® Herbicide Success Prompts Move to 100% Enlist E3 Soybeans

Like many North Dakota farmers, Darin Anderson is looking for additional herbicide tools to control weeds that glyphosate alone can’t handle. A couple of years ago, Anderson tried Enlist Duo® herbicide on Enlist E3™ soybeans in a seed production field. The results were extremely promising.

“This year we’ll be 100% Enlist E3 soybeans,” Anderson says. “We’ll be applying Enlist Duo herbicide. It gives us another mode of action and controls weeds we can’t control with straight glyphosate.”

Waterhemp and kochia are Anderson’s problem weeds. Enlist Duo is working well as a postemergence option to control both.

“When we spray the kochia at the recommended weed height, Enlist Duo does a great job,” Anderson says.

Another benefit for the Andersons is the lack of drift and volatility with Enlist Duo herbicide compared to other herbicide options.

“We haven’t had any issues with drift or volatility,” Anderson notes. “We haven’t had any complaints from neighbors.”

He’s not the only one interested in the Enlist weed control system. He says other area farmers are trying soybean varieties that feature several other herbicide traits.

“Some of them are tired of glyphosate not working as well as they’d like,” Anderson says. “They want another mode of action without the volatility risk.”

The ability to use Enlist Duo® or Enlist One® herbicide on Enlist E3 soybeans gives farmers more weed control options. They can get the convenient combination of 2,4-D choline and glyphosate in Enlist Duo. Or they can get the flexibility to tank-mix more qualified products with Enlist One herbicide.

Enlist E3 soybeans are tolerant to glufosinate, adding another potential mode of action postemergence. Farmers can mix glufosinate and Enlist One — a straight-goods 2,4-D choline — and apply in a single pass, or they can apply Enlist Duo and come back later with a separate glufosinate application.

“The ability to use Enlist Duo in one pass and come back with another pass using glufosinate can be very effective,” Anderson says. “We’re using the Enlist system again because of weed control.”


October 10, 2017



We haven’t seen kochia in the field. That’s always our biggest concern. We came back after our Enlist Duo application and followed up with glufosinate. The combination was very effective. Definitely having three herbicide tolerances with the Enlist soybeans helped. We’ll use Enlist again due to the weed control.

July 22, 2017


Excellent control of tough weeds


Enlist Duo® herbicide did an excellent job controlling the weeds. That’s important to any farmer. No one likes to see weeds in their fields.

First, weeds rob yield, and second, it’s nice to look across your field and not see any weeds out there. Lastly, and maybe most important, landlords don’t want to see weeds. Clean fields give them peace of mind that you’re being good stewards of their land, as well.


July 05, 2017



We applied Enlist Duo on Enlist soybeans on June 28. It had been too windy to get into the field before then. It’s doing the trick. A week later, we’re seeing brown weeds. The problem now is moisture. We need a rain. The forecast is for hot and humid, but there’s not much chance of rain for the next 10 days.

June 29, 2017



One nice effect of Enlist Duo is that you can see instant reaction to the chemistry by the weeds. Just the day after application and we see curling of the weeds. When using straight glyphosate alone, you don’t see that. It gives you peace of mind that the chemistry is working right away.

June 02, 2017



The cool weather has delayed our crop maturity. Our corn is a couple of weeks behind last year, and soybeans are at least 10 days behind. We finished planting our Enlist soybeans on Monday and got the last of our other soybeans in the ground Tuesday.

May 15, 2017



The weather has been pretty good. We just started planting soybeans today. I hope to start planting Enlist soybeans later this week. We finished planting corn yesterday. We started on corn about a week and a half ago and only had one rain that drove us out of the field for part of a day.

May 02, 2017



I hope to start planting Enlist soybeans in a couple of weeks if conditions allow. I want to try Enlist soybeans because I like the technology, which gives us three modes of action to control weeds postemergence. Ideally, I’d like to use Enlist Duo herbicide on soybeans to be able to rotate modes of action. I think it’s a great idea.