Luke Liechty

Farming runs pretty deep in my family. I’ve wanted to farm since I was a kid. After graduating college, I returned home to farm with my uncle. We raise corn, soybeans and a little alfalfa. We use no-till or minimum tillage practices and incorporate cover crops on our farm. Weed control is very important on our farm. The weeds are getting tougher to control, and we’re seeing resistance. We’re excited about the opportunity to try out the Enlist™ system on our farm.

  • Indiana

  • Soybeans

  • Waterhemp

  • No-till and minimum till



August 01, 2017



The Enlist system was very easy to use. I like that Enlist Duo includes both glyphosate and 2,4-D choline. It’s just easy to use with much better efficacy in controlling the weeds we’re dealing with. As far as volatility later, we did not see any damage to anything outside of the field we were targeting.

August 01, 2017



Within a day we saw the weeds that we were targeting starting to curl. I was very impressed with Enlist Duo controlling both grasses and broadleaves. It was very effective in controlling waterhemp.

August 01, 2017


Beautiful Enlist soybean crop


July 25, 2017



A week later and you can see the effects of the Enlist Duo herbicide on the weeds — they’re droopy and twisted up.

We moved to spraying some fungicide on soybeans last week. I am also finishing up late application nitrogen to my corn this week.

July 18, 2017


Wide application window for Enlist Duo® herbicide relieves pressure


The wide application window is huge. When you’re trying to cover a large number of acres and weather is working against you, the wide application window takes some pressure off. We haven’t had an ideal season, but we were able to get a good application of Enlist Duo® herbicide.


June 19, 2017

Dry conditions


We were skipped on rain most of last week. Luckily, we got about a half-inch of rain over the weekend. Everything is in the ground and starting to pop through. We’re starting to see waterhemp pressure in some fields where our herbicide washed off with the wet conditions early in the season.

June 07, 2017


Prepping planter to wrap-up planting of Enlist soybeans


May 09, 2017


Passing time in the shop

We’ve been out of the field for about a week and a half, and it doesn’t look like we’ll be in for about a week longer. Since we’re out of the field, we are doing some shop work. We’re repairing the wheels and cab on our 1988 spare tractor.

April 19, 2017



Weed control is important, and this is a cool opportunity to try out and get our hands on Enlist.

A few weeds in your field is one thing, but I’m a picky guy, so I don’t like to see any. It doesn’t take many before you start to hurt yield. Aesthetics are part of it — you don’t want your landlord seeing weedy fields — but when you get to the point of cutting into yield, it becomes important.