Jeremiah Undem

I am 1 of 4 partners in the operation, including my father-in-law. We grow corn and soybeans and, this year, some wheat. We’re mostly a strict corn-soybean rotation. If we can’t get a crop in due to weather, we’ll plant a cover crop. I’ve been using Dow AgroSciences products for many years. The biggest draw with Enlist Duo® herbicide is the package: Two modes of action in one product.

  • North Dakota

  • Soybeans

  • Kochia

  • Minimum tillage

October 12, 2017



Kochia, marestail, velvetleaf and waterhemp are our toughest weeds, depending on the field. Enlist Duo handled those. I’m very excited for this product. It’s a game-changer.

Overall, the yield was fine. Considering the conditions we had, I was satisfied. It was extremely dry all summer. I absolutely will try it again. The whole package was extremely friendly to use. No question, I’d plant ’em again.

I’m also excited about the availability of Enlist One herbicide. I’ve got uses in mind for that already. It’s a great weed control program.


July 07, 2017



We put Enlist Duo down on June 29. By the end of the day, you could see the leaves of the weeds were curling. I looked again today, and the weeds are brown. Enlist Duo has controlled them just fine. Temperatures are a concern. We’ve missed out on some scattered rains in the past couple of weeks, and there’s nothing in the forecast for the next 10 days. The Enlist beans have been looking good, but we need rain.

June 02, 2017



We had rain followed by cool temps after planting our corn. We planted the Enlist beans last week and expect them to be up early next week.

May 17, 2017



Planting is going well. Corn is all done, and soybeans are a little over halfway done. We got an inch of rain yesterday, which we needed. I’m planning on putting the Enlist soybeans on a good piece of ground. It’s a little higher and drier than some of our fields.

April 24, 2017



A clean field means everything. A clean slate is the way to go. A good burndown and early control makes your summer a whole lot easier. Kochia is our toughest weed now, but we have some marestail that we believe is glyphosate-resistant. Some fields in the area also are seeing waterhemp.

The biggest draw with Enlist Duo is the package: Two modes of action in one product. Plus, we’ll have the ability to add glufosinate postemergence. I like the idea because it offers less volatility, nozzle options are plentiful. It’s a friendlier package. I won’t need a tank mix to get two modes of action.