Jack Kent

This is my life. I enjoy every minute of it. This year, we are growing cotton, soybeans and rice. My two sons are on the farm with me. They are the sixth generation to farm the same land. I want to get to know the Enlist™ technology. I like to watch and help plants grow. I measure yield over time and always try to raise our yield.

  • Arkansas

  • Soybeans

  • Pigweed

  • Minimum tillage


October 24, 2017



Enlist gives us the weed control we desperately need. It controlled pigweeds. That increases yield and, with our crop rotation, it keeps the seedbank down. If you manage it right, it will help cut your pigweed threat. It will be a massive benefit for northeastern Arkansas farmers. It’s head and shoulders above others. It’s the best weed control that’s ever been offered.

Enlist Duo went exactly where I wanted it to go. You could literally draw a line where it stopped. I can’t say enough good things about Enlist. For years, 2,4-D has been the enemy to cotton. Then here I was applying it on cotton. Amazing.

July 26, 2017


Flattening pigweed with Enlist Duo® herbicide


Enlist Duo is actually the best herbicide technology that I have ever seen. It is a dream for our situation in the South with pigweeds, with morningglories, with the teaweeds. And to be honest with you, you could not have designed a better system.

The broadleaves were gnarled and laying down. The pigweeds went from standing up to lying flat. Everybody needs to experience what we have experienced this year in weed control with Enlist.


July 26, 2017



We’ve had no drift issues whatsoever. We have a watermelon and cantaloupe farmer in the area, and so we were very concerned about drift. With Enlist Duo, we had absolutely no drift. There was nothing detectible anywhere around me as far as drift on my neighbors, and that’s what we have to have.

July 26, 2017


Impressive boll load and fruit retention could lead to excellent harvest


The cotton is fruiting and retaining fruit at a level I have never seen before. Some people would say it was just the year. Well, I have other varieties in other older genetics that are not doing what the new PhytoGen varieties with the Enlist trait are doing. It’s not just the year. The cutting-edge genetics are important for yield and quality, and the herbicide traits are important so we can have clean fields, not damage our neighbors crops. All of the above needs to be in place for you to be successful.


July 05, 2017



When the applicator started applying Enlist Duo, we noticed there were just no fines. It was actually amazing to watch the application.

And as far as any off-target drift, you literally could draw a line on the edge of the field to where you had pigweeds that were laid over and dying and 2-3 inches away a healthy one. That’s how little it was drifting.

The results of the Enlist Duo regarding weed response was what you would expect from phenoxy type herbicide. The broadleaves were gnarled and laying down. The pigweeds went from standing up to lying flat.

Everybody needs to see this. Everybody needs to experience what we have experienced this year in weed control with Enlist.

June 16, 2017



We have grass strips through the field, and there is a fine line of where Enlist Duo was applied. The grass is beautiful green and next to it, weeds are about to die. The pigweeds are all gnarled up, curling up and controlled.

June 16, 2017

Dry conditions


It’s been hot and dry, but things are going really well. The cotton is beginning to square on the fifth node of the plant. The PhytoGen cottonseed [with the Enlist trait] tolerated the Enlist Duo and went right on.

Enlist Duo didn’t move 6 inches. There’s no evidence whatsoever of it moving anywhere out of the Enlist field.

It is really amazing to watch the spray rig. We had water and Enlist Duo in the tank, and it just stayed put.

May 26, 2017



The Enlist cotton has emerged and is going into the first true leaf stage. The cotton looks really good, and it came up even. The residuals are holding, and there’s no insect pressure. So we don’t plan to make a herbicide application any time soon.

I think Enlist is a really good system and where the industry will go.

April 20, 2017



We farm around specialty crops, including watermelons about a mile north of us. We always will have to monitor drift, and we try to do a good job with that. I feel comfortable with Enlist and the drift control it provides.

I insist on pretty clean fields. I don’t like to drive by my fields and see weeds in it. Weeds do affect yield, and if you don’t control them, it will increase the seedbank. It’s hard to be weed-free where we are, but we try to keep the number of weeds as low as possible.

We are waiting until next week to plant cotton. We’ll have both Enlist soybeans and Enlist cotton.