Austin Warbington

Farming is what I like to do. I like watching things grow and making something out of nothing. We grow cotton, peanuts and corn. I farm with my father, grandfather, uncle, cousin and uncle’s son-in-law, along with about 10 employees. We enjoy it, and working with family is a good time.

  • Georgia

  • Cotton

  • Pigweed

  • Strip-till
    Combination of irrigated and nonirrigated




November 01, 2017



The ability to mix Enlist One herbicide with glufosinate gave us better weed control. We’re ground zero for pigweeds. The combination works on them. The Enlist system definitely has value on farms in our area because peanuts can tolerate 2,4-D. We can spray an extra herbicide and not worry about damaging peanuts or corn.

August 11, 2017



Plant health is as good as we could ask for. The PhytoGen Enlist cotton looks really good. We’re expecting it to yield out pretty good.

August 11, 2017



It’s about what can manage the weeds here, and we did that this year with the Enlist system. We’ve had a clean field all season, and it still is.

Nothing is competing with the crop for nutrients and water. There is less competition for the cotton plant. We don’t have to fight weeds during harvest. We don’t have to worry about spreading seed during harvest as you continue through the field. Weeds mess with the quality of the cotton. You’re not going to make as much in yield if you have a lot of weeds in your field.

July 13, 2017


It’s been hot, but the PhytoGen® brand PHY 450 W3FE cotton is looking good.


June 14, 2017


Impressed by tolerance of PhytoGen® cottonseed


There was no burn that I could see on the cotton. That really impressed me a lot. The PhytoGen® cottonseed [with the Enlist trait] withstood the application like a champ. It did really well.


June 14, 2017


Two weeks after application


Weed control is what we spend a majority of our year focusing on. We want a clean field. You could say we have a zero-tolerance policy for any type of weed. If we see it, we go get it.

Just a week after application, we noticed some browning on the weeds. We have excellent control right now. If you walk out and look at any weed, you’ll see the majority of them are brown and falling over.




May 20, 2017



The PhytoGen cotton here came up really well. PhytoGen always has great seed vigor coming out of the ground, and we got a really nice stand this year. We’re always real pleased with PhytoGen cotton coming up.

May 09, 2017



We have hand-weeded for years to keep weeds under control. We’re planting varieties with the Enlist trait because we like PhytoGen cotton and the high yield it provides. 

With a weed-free field, you eliminate the competition from the crop. Weeds suck all the moisture and nutrients that the cotton needs from the soil. Pigweed will stop up your cotton picker. You’ll get trash in the cotton and make it harder to gin, affecting lint color and quality.