Steve Bireline

Our farm has been in our family for more than 125 years. I’ve always been connected to farming. Today, I farm with my father and my son. The thing I enjoy most is taking a small seed and watching it develop throughout the year. To ensure we can continue to farm, new technology is very important. I’ve seen the Enlist™ weed control system in plots, and now I’m ready to see what it can do on my farm.

  • Iowa

  • Corn

  • Waterhemp
    Giant ragweed
    Common ragweed

  • Minimum tillage

November 07, 2016


November 07, 2016


No weeds in Enlist corn field

We paid special attention when combining, and you couldn’t find a weed in the field. The Enlist corn was by far the best corn we had on our farm. There was no stress from weeds, so the plants were a lot healthier. The standability was outstanding, and stalk quality was real good.

October 11, 2016



Harvest has been a bit hit and miss in our area due to crop moisture and weather. We can’t get the beans dry enough. Most of the corn coming out is at 16 to 18 percent so some guys are switching to corn. We’ve been running beans since Sunday.

August 23, 2016


Enlist™ corn looks great

Talking with other farmers, they have been disappointed with how their corn is looking. I went out to my Enlist field, and I am very impressed with how it looked. I’m very optimistic on our crops; they look great.

We keep getting little showers every now and then. That really helps. I’d say the crops are pretty well made around here.

August 23, 2016


Complete fill on Enlist™ corn

The ears are filled out clear to the tip. You can see the kernels from the road when you drive by the field. That’s what impresses me. Everything is looking good so far.

July 19, 2016



Enlist Duo took all the competition away from the corn plant. The end result to me is going to be that plant is able to concentrate on its kernels, its ear size. I think that plant will produce a maximum yield with the fertilization we’ve got out there and it should make a big difference in the bottom line.

July 05, 2016


Excited about control with Enlist Duo® herbicide

When you go out and spray your crops two to three times thinking that you’ve got excellent control of your weeds, it’s so discouraging when you come back two weeks later to see weeds starting to grow back up out of the center.

Enlist Duo® herbicide is different, it is a product that excites me because it does an excellent job of controlling the weeds. Enlist Duo is efficient, simple and very effective, and that’s the easiest way to put it.

June 17, 2016



Less than 48 hours after application, I can see Enlist Duo has control. The weeds are not even trying to turn back up. I’m really, really impressed with how fast it’s working.

And there is no sign of any damage on the corn. Usually you’ll see a bit of brown or rolled leaves, but Enlist Duo has had no effect on the corn. Very impressed with the crop tolerance.

June 15, 2016


Weed control within hours

I’m very impressed with how fast Enlist Duo® herbicide worked. Within 1 ½-2 hours, the weeds were wilting. That part really impressed me.

June 15, 2016


Very impressed by first application of Enlist Duo® herbicide


Application went great. Enlist Duo fell straight down from the boom. It landed right where I intended it to go with no signs of drift. 

It was easy to use and handle, too. You do not notice a smell at all. I’m used to spraying a field and smelling the herbicide after, but there is no odor to speak of with Enlist Duo. Very impressed with the lack of odor.


May 27, 2016



We’ve been pretty fortunate in our area. There has been bad weather in other areas around us. We got roughly 3 inches of rain over the last week, while other places got 3 to 4 inches last night alone.

The rain is good for the crops. The Enlist corn was planted on Mother’s Day and came right up out of the ground. It is looking really good.

May 10, 2016



Since planting the Enlist corn on Sunday, we’ve received some timely rain on Sunday and Monday night. We plan to go back in with fertilizer and preemergence herbicide.

May 08, 2016


Ideal conditions for planting Enlist™ corn

Planting was ideal with good field conditions, nice temperature and a slight breeze. The seed is in the ground, and now it’s up to Mother Nature.

April 12, 2016



Weeds have the ability to change and adapt. We need new technology and new chemistries to control the tough weeds. In our area, we’re starting to see more glyphosate-resistant waterhemp. I’m looking forward to using Enlist Duo herbicide on my farm.