Rick Dotterer

We have a family operation. I farm with my two brothers and operate a dairy with my two sons. One of my brothers also operates a dairy with his two sons. We raise corn, soybeans, wheat and hay. Farming is all that I’ve done. I just enjoy working with my family and raising cows and crops. It’s rewarding to see good results. With the Enlist™ weed control system, we’re excited to try the latest genetics and expect to see quick results with Enlist Duo® herbicide.

  • Ohio

  • Corn

  • Giant ragweed

  • Conventional tillage



September 27, 2016



The Enlist corn is doing nice. Our corn silage harvest went really nice this year. We’ve had our best silage performance since 2010. It’s not our best ever, but it is the best in recent years.

September 16, 2016


Clean crops benefit growers during harvest


The weed control provided by Enlist Duo® herbicide has been good. It’s always good to have clean crops, especially when you chop the corn off in the fall and you see clean rows.

In a year like this where we’re just right on the edge on moisture, we don’t want to be feeding weeds.



July 25, 2016



Enlist Duo worked. I looked at it the next day, and some of the nightshade looked to me like it was starting to change already. I expected it to work and that’s what it did.

For a dairy farmer, a green, clean field means two things: one is the yield because it doesn’t have the competition for the weeds, and the other is the quality of feed because you know there are not weeds in it. It’s really important to have clean fields for silage.



June 29, 2016


Filling sprayer with Enlist Duo® herbicide


June 01, 2016


Field and weather conditions align for planting


May 26, 2016


Planting went well. The ground was in nice shape. I was amazed by the singulation. It was continuously 99-something, even hit 100. It was better than other seed we’ve planted.

There isn’t much corn up in our area yet. A decent amount went in this week; next week will be our biggest planting week of the year. And the forecast is looking good for planting.

May 10, 2016


We’re looking forward to comparing two different BMR hybrids with the Enlist trait. And, we want to control our tough weeds. Giant ragweed is giving us the most problems. It will escape us every now and then. [Enlist Duo] provides us a new option for weed control.