Enlist™ Stewardship

Enlist™ Stewardship

Helping growers take the next step

Technology advancements. Education and training. Management recommendations. We take Enlist™ Stewardship seriously and have compiled comprehensive management resources that provide growers, retailers and applicators support to move forward with the Enlist weed control system.


Full-spectrum preparation

Enlist Seed and Herbicide Dealer Training from Dow AgroSciences includes field, online and classroom sessions. So growers, retailers and seed sellers can better understand how the Enlist system works as part of a sustainable program approach.


Our technical experts will be available to share their knowledge on best practices. They provide answers to tough questions about using the Enlist system the right way.



An eye on the future

Dow AgroSciences recommends a sustainable program approach to weed management — one that’s based on sound principles for managing weed resistance.


A herbicide program approach adds an additional mode of action for resistance management and improves early season weed control. When resistant broadleaf weeds are present, use a soil applied herbicide ahead of Enlist crops. When glyphosate is used for in-crop weed control two out of four years, use a soil applied herbicide ahead of Enlist crops.


Enlist Duo™ is registered for up to two applications (pre- and post-emergent) for weed control in Enlist crops.


This provides broad-spectrum weed control and multiple modes of action to keep resistance in check. It also allows for more timely post-emergence applications for optimum performance, reducing weed competition when crops are most vulnerable.



Improving on proven technology

The Enlist Stewardship program allows growers and applicators to use the Enlist system with confidence.


The comprehensive research behind Colex-D Technology is proven to help Enlist Duo herbicide land — and stay — on target. This only makes the exceptional performance of Enlist Duo even better. Colex-D Technology also means extra assurance when it comes to protecting sensitive neighboring crops.

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