Jonathan Mann

I like being a steward of the land and watching the crop grow. It means a lot to me to provide for my family from the land we own and manage. I’m a fourth-generation farmer and grow cotton and peanuts with my dad. My brother-in-law and I also have poultry houses. Pigweed and marestail are our two biggest problem weeds. We look forward to seeing how the Enlist™ technology will help us move forward with yield and quality.

  • Georgia

  • Cotton

  • Pigweed

  • Strip-till


November 21, 2016



Harvest has gone extremely well. It’s been dry here, which has been good for us. We’ve been picking cotton without stopping or any major breakdowns. Yield reached 1,200 pounds with the PHY 490 W3FE with the Enlist trait. We’ve been glad to see the full glufosinate tolerance, and we saw good control with the use of glufosinate with absolutely no damage to the cotton.

October 25, 2016



We sprayed the PHY 490 W3FE cotton last Thursday or Friday. It hasn’t defoliated yet to where we can pick it. The weed control going into harvest looks real good. I’d say about 99% control.

October 10, 2016



Harvest stopped for about five days because of Hurricane Matthew. The PHY 490 W3FE is ready to be harvested. We will spray it this week and then pick it about seven to 10 days after that.

September 09, 2016



We are probably a month or less from harvesting. With the taller cotton where there is more fruit, we need a little more time before the cotton will be ready.

August 05, 2016



We could use a really good rain; it’s been 14 days since the last rain we’ve had. Everything is looking good, though. Our cotton is well into about the fifth to sixth week of bloom with white flowers at the top.

July 07, 2016



The Enlist cotton is looking good, and the field is looking clean. We’re getting some rain. It was a little dry with 100-degree days causing crop stress.

June 14, 2016


Recent moisture provides a boost

We’ve had absolutely excellent emergence and are very impressed with the vigor. The crop is progressing well. About a week ago, we had pretty dry weather until a storm came through, and then we got about three inches of rain spread out. It gave us excellent moisture.

May 23, 2016



Planting has gone smoothly this year. We’ve completed planting peanuts and have about 300 acres of cotton left to plant.

We’ve had adequate moisture, and the crop is emerging. We got a good stand with the Enlist cotton. It is well on its way.

May 12, 2016



We had some cold and rainy weather that pushed planting back a little, but the weather has cleared up and now planting is going well.

April 15, 2016



I think about how far we’ve come with technology. Bt, Roundup Ready and now Enlist allow us to be more efficient. We can cover more acres more efficiently. The glufosinate tolerance in Enlist cotton is also exciting and will help with weed control.