Ben Hortenstine

I farm with my dad, two uncles and brother. I grew up around farming with my grandpa, dad and uncles. It’s just something I enjoy as there is always something different to do. On our farm, we grow corn, soybeans and wheat. It’s important to us to stay on the cutting edge with new technology, that’s why we want to use the Enlist™ weed control system on our farm.

  • Illinois

  • Soybeans

  • Waterhemp

  • Minimum tillage



October 27, 2016


Weed-free at harvest

The Enlist E3 soybean field was as clean as a pin. There wasn’t a weed in the field during harvest. Enlist Duo™ herbicide provided the best weed control on our farm. Our biggest problem in the field was waterhemp, and it did a really good job controlling the waterhemp.

September 15, 2016



All of our beans look good. As far as averages, we expect our bean yield to be better than our corn. Last year, we had record bean yield, and this year, the beans look even better. We should have outstanding bean yield.

August 30, 2016


Excellent weed control in Enlist™ soybean field (right)


I’m very impressed with the weed control provided by Enlist Duo herbicide. There is next to nothing in the field in terms of weeds. It’s nothing like you see in the countryside; there are some weedy bean fields.


August 28, 2016



Having clean fields, free of weeds, is a big plus during the growing season and when it comes time to harvest. During the growing season, you don’t have weeds competing for limited moisture in some years, and in the fall you don’t have to worry about scattering the mature weed seeds back out.

I think Enlist will help farmers control their resistant weeds, and it will help them be more productive, get higher yields with clean fields.

July 21, 2016



Enlist Duo did not drift. There was a perfectly straight line where I sprayed. I’m really impressed with how it stayed where it was applied.

July 19, 2016


Excellent marestail control

This year, our residual didn’t take effect because it never got the rain it needed, so we had waterhemp and marestail in fields that we needed to control. I’m impressed with Enlist Duo™ herbicide. It did a good number on the marestail and waterhemp.

Glyphosate alone would not control either marestail or waterhemp. In another soybean field, we sprayed waterhemp with glyphosate that was 2 to 3 inches tall and had only 80 percent control.

July 06, 2016



We finally had a good rain over the Fourth of July. We ended up getting just over 4 inches, which we were needing badly as our first-planted corn has just started to tassel. That was our first widespread rain since June 4, with the exception of a spotty rain on June 26. It was also the first rain our Enlist E3 soybeans have had all year.

June 29, 2016


Wilting weeds 24 hours after application


Application of Enlist Duo went great. I’d heard plenty about Enlist Duo, but seeing it in the field confirmed what I’d heard.

If growers are familiar with traditional 2,4-D, Enlist Duo is not even comparable. There were essentially no driftable fines; it just went straight down from the boom. The weeds started wilting before I even got out of the field with the sprayer. I was really impressed.


June 16, 2016


Proud fourth-generation family farm

We’ve been a family farm forever. I started driving tractors with my grandpa, who started farming with his dad. Today, my brother Nathan, and I farm with our dad and uncles. We’re lucky and blessed to keep our farm as a family farm.

June 15, 2016


Quick emergence, off to a good start


The Enlist E3 beans were our best beans on the farm this spring. They didn’t get rained in so every bean out there came up. And it’s been nice and warm since planting so they’re off to a good start. 

Now, we could use some rain. The last rain we had was June 4, so it’s starting to dry out.


June 07, 2016


Wrapping up planting with Enlist E3 soybeans

Last week, we hit the field one more time to work up the soil. The soil mellowed out this week and the Enlist E3 beans planted great.

May 04, 2016

Cool, wet field conditions

Cooler start to planting this year

Cooler temperatures and April rains kept us out of the field early this year. When we got into the field, we were able to plant a majority of our corn and start on bean planting between a couple rain delays. It’s been a little wet again recently, so we’re out of the field. Luckily, the forecast for next week looks good.

April 08, 2016



A couple years ago, we had some weed breakthroughs that were hard to control. We were only able to stunt them. The Enlist system provides us an insurance policy; it will help us control the tough weeds.