About Enlist™

About Enlist™

Advancing modern farming

Technology has driven productivity and yield potential to new levels. But herbicide-resistant and other tough weeds put those gains at risk.

The Enlist weed control system helps growers meet the challenge of managing hard-to-control and resistant weeds, including those resistant to glyphosate. Enlist Duo herbicide with Colex-D Technology combines glyphosate and new 2,4-D choline to control tough weeds. Enlist traits offer robust tolerance to Enlist Duo herbicide. Our Enlist Stewardship initiatives and resources offer comprehensive support to help growers succeed.




What’s next for the Enlist system?

The Enlist™ corn trait will be available in hybrids for the 2018 season. Enlist™ soybean traits and Enlist E3™ soybean trait are fully approved in Canada and the U.S. Dow AgroSciences is now waiting for key market channel approvals and anticipates commercially launching Enlist™ soybeans soon. Check back for more information.

The quality of life I have is so much better than the quality of life that my dad or my grandfather had. I hope the next generation enjoys continued improvement in their quality of life. And the technology we have is a key part of that.

Photo of Grower Pat Duncanson, Mapleton, Minn.
Pat Duncanson